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Seminar: Dr. Wang, chief of neurology of Shenzhen Hospital of UCAS, visited SZBL
Posted onJul 10,2021

We are very honored to invite Director Wang, Dr. Li, Dr. Guo and Dr. Wang from Shenzhen Hospital of UCAS to visit our lab. 

Dr. Guo first showed us around the exhibition hall of the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. He introduced the organizational structure of the laboratory and the members involved in the GABHI.


Then we discussed the details of the implementation of cognitive assessment, and the experts from Shenzhen Hospital of UCAS provided good clinical suggestions. Dr. Guo, Director Wang and Dr. Li had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the cooperation details of the GABHI project.

Finally, we took a photo together in front of the display board of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. The visit effectively promoted the cooperation between the two sides and ended in a happy atmosphere.