Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Biomarker, Neuroimaging

Seminar:  The principles and applications of PET and MRI
Posted onMay 11,2021

      We are honored to invite Dr. Siwei Xie and Dr. Yue Cai to share their knowledge about PET and MRI on May 8, 2021.

      Dr. Cai has rich experience in MRI image reconstruction. This time she mainly talked about the complicated imaging principle of MRI. But her explanation is so intuitive that makes everything clear, especially the impressive introduction of K-space.


      Dr. Xie clarified the principles and applications of SPECT and PET. Through his explanation, everyone got a deeper understanding of PET. In addition to basic knowledge, he also introduced the advanced PET equipment they are currently developing, which will benefit the vast number of scientific researchers soon.


      Hopefully, we will have more and more talent scientist to join us, and focus on using PET imaging and biomarkers to investigate the the characteristics of AD.