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Our new paper was published in top journal Neurology as Research Article in 15 May 2023
Posted onMay 16,2023


Jing Du’s latest paper was published in NeurologyThis paper investigated how osteoarthritis and APOE-ε4 influence the accumulation of β-amyloid (Aβ) and tau accumulation in primary motor and somatosensory regions in Aβ-positive (Aβ+) elderly adults. Neither osteoarthritis nor APOE-ε4 was related to baseline FBP SUVR in precentral and postcentral regions. At follow-up, osteoarthritis rather than APOE-ε4 was associated with faster Aβ accumulation in postcentral (β=0.005[95% ci, 0.001, 0.008]) over time. In addition, osteoarthritis but not the APOE-ε4 allele was strongly linked to higher follow-up FTP tau levels in precentral (β=0.098[95% ci, 0.034, 0.162]) and postcentral (β=0.105[95% ci, 0.040, 0.169]) cortices. OA and APOE-ε4 were also interactively associated with higher follow-up FTP tau deposition in precentral (β=0.128[95% ci, 0.030, 0.226]) and postcentral (β=0.124[95% ci, 0.027, 0.223]) regions. This study suggests that OA was associated with faster Aβ accumulation and higher Aβ-dependent future tau deposition in primary motor and somatosensory regions, providing novel insights into how OA increases the risk of AD.