Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Biomarker, Neuroimaging

The 24th Mangrove Lecture and “Neuroimaging and Biomarkers Advancements of Alzheimer’s Disease” Seminar
Posted onOct 19,2023


Dear all!!

We were honored to have Kaj blennow, the Top1 in Sweden of "Best Neuroscience Scientists" in 2023, to delivered the 24th Mangrove Lecture on Oct. 11th!! Michael Scholl, Niclolai Franzmeier, Timo Grimmer, Fang Xie, those experts who have also made contributions in the field of Alzheimer's disease  gave us wonderful lectures!

Kaj Blennow ---- "Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in CSF and blood: role in screening, clinical diagnostics and drug development"

Michael Scholl --- "Clinical implementation of Aβ and tau PET and their relevance for Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics and treatment trials"

Timo Grimmer --- "Immunotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease"

Nicolai Franzmeier --- " Combining multimodal neuroimaging and biomarkers to understand AD progression"

Fang Xie --- " AD PET imaging in Huashan hospital: beyond ATN"