Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Biomarker, Neuroimaging

​Anqi Li

Anqi has been using functional magnetic resonance imaging technology and representational similarity analysis to directly compare the neural mechanisms of perceptual attention selection (induced by pre-cue) and reflective attention selection (induced by retro-cue) in the same task. And she wants to reveal the effects of two attention selection processes on neural representations and how they regulate the long-term memory.  Lots of studies can arouse Angel’s curiosity, the investigation of Alzheimer's disease being one of them. She really hopes through the researches on Alzheimer's disease, effective prevention could be found, so that more elderly people may age gracefully.

Education & Experience

9.2017 - 8.2020 M.S. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing

9.2013 - 6.2017 B.S. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing